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Liner Notes:

Although Chris McNulty will undoubtedly be classified as a jazz vocalist, she is way beyond that.
She is a true musician, which any great artist whose medium happens to be music, should be classified as. She is a musician whose voice is her instrument, and what a great voice she has. She can handle the harmonies and intricacies of the compositions she chooses so well and flawlessly. Chris McNulty is an exquisite instrument, along the lines of a Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald.

Chris was brought to my attention by my friend Peter Leitch. Peter co-produced her recording “A Time For Love” on the Amosaya label on which I performed with Peter, John Hicks and others. I was attracted first by her voice and secondly by her choice of songs. No run of the mill material.

When Chris asked me to do her liner notes I was honored. But even more than that, I couldn’t wait to hear what she was doing on her latest recording. As usual, her choice of songs was great and her voice has grown even more lush and she is in control no matter where she takes a melody. If there is any justice, Chris McNulty will be the next great voice. She already is as far as I am concerned.
Gary Bartz

Easy To Love
A House Is Not A Home
So In Love
Young and Foolish
Mon Cherie-Rosie
The Party’s Over
I Remember You
This Girl’s In Love
I See Your Face Before Me
More Today Than Yesterday

Paul Bollenback    guitars
Joe Locke    vibraphone
Ugonna Okegwo    bass
Adam Cruz    drums
David Budway    piano
Michael Kanan    piano (track 5)
Joel Frahm    saxaphones
Café da Silva    percussion

Chris McNulty © 2004; MopTop Records 2004.
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Recorded and engineered by Michael Brorby at Accoustic Recording, Brooklyn, August, 2000. Re-mixed by Paul Wickliffe at Skyline Productions, New Jersey, April, 2004.

Major thanks to all the great musicians who contributed their special brand of talent and spirit to this project: Paul Bollenback, David Budway (The Budman). Joe Locke, especially for your beautiful arrangement of “This Girl”. Ugonna, Adam, Café, Joel and Michael Kanan for the great harmony work on Pablo.

Special thanks and gratitude to Anna Boutzalis and Laura Tavormina – without your support and generosity this project would not have been possible. Thanks to Gary Bartz for being the source, inspiration and way to so much music, to my beautiful, gifted son Sam, Tom and Marie Lellis, Roseanna Vitro, Jane Wilson-Marquis, Char and Dan Smullyan, Kiki, Rene Rives, Peter Leitch, Rob Bargad, Chris Bergson, Barney McAll, Jen Jen Ju -San, Laura and Jeff, Anna and Ted, Monique Dimatina, Cori and John Perpignani, Niki Jenkins and Paul, Belinda Madden, Alex and Cara, The WSFSSH gang. Bert and Hilary and Pratt families. My darling Mr. B. To my family and all my friends in the States and Australia for your continued support.