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Liner Notes:

Featuring a collection of some of Chris's favorite standards
rendered with the elegance and sophisitcation fans have come to expect from this singer since her arrival in the States in 1988 from Australia.  Her renditions of ballads such as "Lost in the Stars", "I Loves you Porgy" and "I Will Say Goodbye" alone are worth the price of this one.  An enormously effective ballad singer who also mananges to have a great sense of swing.  Check out "Centerpiece" and "I Thought About You". Leitch, Bartz and Hicks are all wonderful here.

Hey There
I Love You Porgy
I Thought About You
Lost in the Stars
I Thought About You
A Time For Love
Nice and Easy
I'm Old Fashioned
The Lamp Is low
I Will Say Goodbye
Three Little Words
Crazy He Calls Me

Chris McNulty   voice
John Hicks    piano
Rob Bargad    piano
Peter Leitch    guitar
Harvie Swartz    bass
Tony Reedus    drums
Gary Bartz    sax
Jed Levy    sax

Chris McNulty© 1998
Amosaya Music